gdynagen is a frontend to Dynamips and Dynagen.

It's written in Python, uses pygtk and libvte's python bindings as GUI libraries and of course Dynamips and Dynagen.

As I couldn't find any packaged versions of libvte for Windows, gDynagen is limited to Linux at the moment. (Until I find time to compile it myself — if that's possible — yuck :P)


27 March 2008

Released gdynagen version 0.1.4, which improves terminal handling and fixes the session killing bug.

04 February 2007

Greg released dynagen 0.8.3 (actually a month ago…), which includes my patch. Therefore no more patching is needed! Additionally he added a —notelnet option, which allows you to run dynagen from the commandline or withing gdynagen without changing dynagen.ini all the time (you don't have to worry about that, gdynagen takes care of it itself).

09 December 2006

Chris released dynamips 0.2.6-RC5, which includes my patch. Therefore you only have to patch dynagen (if you've checked out dynagen from subversion, the patches are already applied there too).

03 December 2006

Released gdynagen version 0.1.1, which includes patches for dynagen 0.8.0 to 0.8.2.

Update: I contacted Chris and Greg and they will incorporate the patches into the next releases of their applications.

19 November 2006

Released gdynagen version 0.1.

Known Issues and Open Tasks