pemuwrapper is a simple python wrapper around PEMU providing a TCP control interface for Dynagen and confDynagen. It is written in Python.


13 January 2008

New release 0.2.2: Fixes the FLASH flushing problem. Thanks to Greg Anuzelli for the patch.

05 October 2007

New release 0.2.1: Adds some process-shaping capabilities (renice on Linux, SetPriorityClass on Windows [what you'd do in task manager by hand]), sets up 6 interfaces instead of 4, adds name resolution for UDP NIOs' destination address.

06 September 2007

New release 0.2 makes pemuwrapper much more like dynamips (ie returns status messages). For details, please see the Changelog.

29 August 2007

Bugfix release 0.1.1: Fixed the windows binary, changed default port to 10525.

28 August 2007

Initial pemuwrapper release 0.1.

Known Issues and Open Tasks

Please contact me about any bugs and/or feature requests.